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Digital Dreams
is a 90 minute theatrical presentation featuring the best in computer animated short films from around the world. It is being produced by Steven Churchill and Chris Padilla, the two men most responsible for introducing audiences to computer animated short films and creating the theatrical niche for animation festivals. Together, Steven and Chris are utilizing their years of experience in producing animation festivals and innovative marketing expertise to bring Digital Dreams to audiences around the world. Teaser trailer coming soon!

Steven Churchill
: In 1986 Steven produced the world's first CGI theatrical festival, exhibited to capacity attendances at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, California. In 1987 Steven arranged national distribution of the festival through the Landmark Theatre chain, which also had great success.  Subsequently Steven produced Future Visions, premiering at the Reuben H. Fleet OmniMax theatre, then touring thereafter at several other large format venues around the country.  In 1988 Steven released the world's first computer animation video, entitled State of the Art of Computer Animation, which the American Film Institute gave their Best Video Art award that year. Since then Steven has produced 27 various computer animation compilations, released on VHS, laserdisc and DVD. In 1990 Steven produced The Mind's Eye, and followed that up with Beyond The Mind's EyeThe Gate To The Mind's Eye, and Odyssey Into The Mind's Eye, selling over 2 million units to date.  Works by Pixar, PDI, Blue Sky's Chris Wedge, Digital Domain, Rhythm & Hues and just about every computer animation studio in the world have all been exhibited on these releases.

Chris Padilla:
In 1976 Chris produced Fantastic Animation Festival, the first major animation festival to ever take place in the United States.  Nearly 30,000 attended its sold out summer run at the Laguna Moulton Playhouse in Laguna Beach, California. Its popularity reached Crest Film, an independent film distributor in Los Angeles, who released the Fantastic nationwide in first-run movie theatres in 1977.  Its box office success made headlines in Variety and gave birth to the theatrical niche for animation festivals. In addition to currently developing original projects for animation as well as live action, Chris serves as creative consultant for several producers and their festivals. In recent years he has also produced various animation events for leading institutions, ranging from orchestrating the Hollywood premieres of Disney’s Princess Mononoke and DreamWorks' Millennium Actress for AFI Fest, presenting an 85 year retrospective of stop-motion animation with Henry Selick at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and organizing computer animation conferences with Digital Domain, ILM, PDI, Pixar and Rhythm & Hues at UC Irvine.



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