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Here's what reviewers are saying about our videos:

"Everyone who sees it gets hooked, as I did...word of sight video hit...exciting to watch and enjoyable to listen to...'Beyond The Mind's Eye' is a dazzling showcase for computer animation...A voyage to the cutting edge of computer animation."

- Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

"Breathtaking...My video recommendation of the week."

- Roger Ebert, Siskel & Ebert At the Movies

"One of the most retina-popping collections of eye candy since 'Fantasia'...A seemingly full-length epic that dazzles with hi-tech perfection."

- Michael Dare, Billboard Magazine

"Spermy flagellants swim across the frame. Orbs whirl. Whorls expand and supplant each other. Fluorescent coral throbs and mutates. Mandalas rotate and change. Tentacles wave and grow. Such simplistic descriptions, though, are inadequate to the images, 95 percent of which are at least twice removed from any single natural phenomena. "

- Greg Burk, LA Weekly

"After peeling our socks off the opposite wall, we watched this video a few bazillion more times. The result is a computer animation Fantasia."

- Tom Malcom, Info Magazine

"Marvelously fluid landscapes...fascinating images."

- Myles Callum, TV Guide

"If you want to see the future of animation, this is it."

- The Washington Post

"The images are breathtakingly intricate...beautiful to look at."

- Ron Goldberg, Video Review

"Play it in your store. Anyone watching for more than 30 seconds will walk out with a copy."

- Video Store Magazine


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