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f8Animation Entertainment is actively seeking computer animation material to showcase within our fifth "Mind's Eye" DVD. Additionally, we're working on a "Space" DVD (we're looking for all kinds of space imagery, cosmic phenomena, space ships, etc.), and we're also working on "Digital Dreams", a special feature-length program of cutting-edge computer animated short films for theatrical release around the world. We'd love to see anything you've done that might relate to these projects!

Animation included in any of our world famous video titles creates new income and world wide recognition for the animators.

Be a part of the computer animation explosion and jump-start your career. Successful CGI careers have started right here at Animation Entertainment. Chris Wedge supplied work for one of our first videos. He has since ascended to the Animation Director role at Blue Sky Studios and has directed "Ice Age" and "Robots". Tom Hutchinson, an early contributor, is now with ILM. He has been involved in many wildly successful films including: Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Star Wars: Episode I, Star Wars: Episode II, Blade: Trinity, and many

This Wonderful LifeWe personally review and consider every clip submitted. We release new titles regularly. Don't miss the next one. We don't publish closing dates for titles, however a delay of just one day could cost you months of income. We encourage you to send your animation today!

Animators are requested to send a
viewing copy of your work to:

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