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Look who's celebrating with us our 20 years of
showcasing the world's best computer animation

Animation Entertainment's MIND'S EYE video series have done a great deal to popularize computer-generated imagery by bringing it into people's homes, and giving them the opportunity to become aware of the capabilities and artistry of the very latest achievements in computer animation. MetroLight Studios is proud to have had its work included in this series over the past eight years.

Jim Kristoff
MetroLight Studios, Inc.

Great movies, books, and etc. are only made "great" when they can be shown and shared with a mass audience. While many people have referred to myself as "a great pioneer of CGI", you Steven, and Animation Entertainment are the great pioneers of distribution and exhibition of this emerging art and entertainment form. Now, because of the work of pioneers like you, CGI and digital effects have become anticipated and expected by movie audiences everywhere. In the end, as I once said to IBM (in response to their praise of our interactive " Columbus " project) "Great artists need great patrons." That is a phrase I believe sums up our relationship. Thank you.

Robert Abel

I think that Animation Entertainment puts out an excellent product and they are a pleasure to work with. It's great to see our stuff on a quality product and deal with a reputable producer and distributor. Here's a guy who says you're going to get a cut, and you do. The checks come, he's reliable about it, you don't have to call up and ask him about it. He's true to his word. Every time I get a royalty check, it's like "Wow this is nice!" 

It's great to see that the work we do gets out there on their videos, and that it's treated well in the process, and it's nice to see a royalty stream come from that. I have been very pleased with Animation Entertainment's productions, and the response they get in the market place. They're on the shelves -- I see them in the video stores. The exposure has been very good for our company. 

Making short computer animated films available to the public is great, because without that, a lot of excellent computer animation would go completely unseen. Animation Entertainment is building up an appreciation and an audience for computer animation which is going to be more and more important. 

Carl Rosendahl
Pacific Data Images

Many people have told me that they saw my work on Animation Entertainment's MIND'S EYE videos. Computer graphics conferences are fun, but if you want the other 99.99% of the world to see your animation, portfolio your work in Animation Entertainment's MIND'S EYE series.

Karl Sims

THE MIND'S EYE is an invaluable tool for computer animators. By putting together a reel of the best and most cutting-edge animation, Animation Entertainment has helped to keep all animators aware of the work being produced in our industry.

The people at Animation Entertainment are knowledgeable, generous and totally professional. They saw a need for their product and went about making it happen. We have worked with them from the beginning and plan on continuing our professional relationship.

John Hughes
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Animation Entertainment, and its MIND'S EYE series, has proven to be a valuable friend in this ever-growing field of computer animation. The MIND'S EYE video series is a compelling set of works that Angel Studios has enjoyed participating in year after year. The creative combinations of music and imagery has brought recognition to Angel Studios and the computer animation industry unavailable in traditional print and broadcast media.

Diego Angel
Angel Studios

We have had a positive experience in participating with Animation Entertainment and feel that your videos have been very successful at taking the work of computer animators to a wider audience. The shows are interesting, and we have seen how they have become works in their own right, with music and editing that complement the individual videos and advance new themes.

I also think that your creativity has extended from the content to the business side. I very much like the formula you have developed for distributing royalties among the many participants in the work, and have actually adopted the idea for some of our own arrangements.

I admire your ability to generate revenue in this endeavor and have always appreciated the prompt royalty statements and checks. I know how hard it is to manage all the rights in complicated pieces of work, and respect your ability to keep it straight and get the job done.

Judson Rosebush
Judson Rosebush Company

With the explosion of astonishing new digital effects in the 90's, one must wonder where all of these talented computer animators came from. Well, if you read the credits from any of the unbelievably successful MIND'S EYE videos, you will find a who's who of many of today's animation gurus and their companies. If they weren't featured on the tapes they were probably inspired by them. As with myself, many wide-eyed young artists got their first awe-inspiring glimpse into the world of computer animation form one of the numerous videos that Steven Churchill and his team have produced. Having showcased the most talented people in the industry, the MIND'S EYE has always represented the center stage for the kind of mind-blowing work that symbolizes the true art of computer animation.

Robert Taylor
Taylor-McCormick Graphics

I think the MIND'S EYE has done more to generate an appetite for computer animation within the general public than anything else.

Larry Burrel

Users of Wavefront software have long enjoyed the global exposure that they have gotten from being a part of the MIND'S EYE videos. Each of the volumes has been designed with keeping the art as the most important focus of the finished piece. Our relationship with Animation Entertainment has been very directed towards giving artists a venue that showcases their best work, alongside those from around the world. I will never forget walking into a shopping mall one day with my family and seeing a Wavefront animation playing on all of the monitors in the store. "It must be THE MIND'S EYE", and sure enough it was. The sheer volume of outlets for this video is fantastic, and our users should really try to get included in the next volume.

Mark Sylvester

Imagery is the way to record history. THE MIND'S EYE is not a video including latest CGI works for hype, but a treasure, recording the history of CGI.

Masaaki Taira
Executive Director
Links Corporation

I want to thank Animation Entertainment for the real good work you have managed to do for Ex Machina. The whole team here has really appreciated the working and friendly relationship we have shared.

We thank you to have managed to enhance our favorite images. Furthermore, the video products we have made together have been a perfect complement to our professional and commercial strategy, thanks to your network of contacts both in the States and in Asia . It was also a good introduction of CG for the general consumer marketplace. You have easily shown your ability to interest both professionals and non-professionals alike.

It has been a real pleasure to work with you and we are glad to have another opportunity to do it again. I am looking forward to seeing you at SIGGRAPH this year.

Xavier Nicolas
Ex Machina

In 1987, I went to the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art to see Steven Churchill's COMPUTER ANIMATION FESTIVAL. It showcased early pieces like "Stanley and Stella" and the Rolling Stones' "Hard Woman". They got me excited about using the computer to do character animation. I have been working in computer graphics ever since.

Darren Kiner
Disney Feature Animation

It's been a great time working with Animation Entertainment over the past several years. Animation Entertainment has been artistically sensitive to the content of my work as well as being an unflagging supporter and profitable distributor. I look forward to a continuing and prosperous relationship. Thanks Animation Entertainment!

Matt Elson

Animation Entertainment's videos are really impressive. We have been enjoying them so much!! I think they are some of the best videos in all of the world. We are looking forward to seeing your next project. With best!

Yoichiro Kawaguchi



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